Star Trek Online: The Screenshots

Constitution Class STO

Are you playing Star Trek Online? I’ve gathered together a few in game images to share with you here. I will write more about the game in the future but I wanted to wet your appetite today. Yes, Star Trek Online is free to play. Not pay to win but truly free to play.

All of the following images were taken in game on a computer running Windows 7 32bit with 4 gigs of memory and a Nvidia GT430 card.

All images are screenshots from Star Trek Online taken by Tony Miller.

Biographies are a challenge to write because the urge to brag is great. Luckily that isn't a challenge for me as I am great. Okay, enough jokes. I have spent the bulk of my life in Pensacola, FL. I'm currently in my second marriage and I have one son. Star Wars was my first sci-fi addiction and Star Trek soon followed. I've been hooked, although sometimes closeted, as a Star Trek fan most of my life. If I'm not in front of a monitor or a book there is a good chance I'm out on my Harley somewhere.

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