Jules Sherred

Jules Sherred
Jules Sherred

Obviously, I LOVE STAR TREK!

From the day I came home from the hospital, I watched Star Trek. First, it was Star Trek: The Original Series. By the time Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered, I was already a life-long fan.

Every opportunity I receive, I talk and write about Star Trek. Not only did it help shape the nerd and geek I am today, but it also played a major role in facilitating my relationship. It is one of many reasons for having a United Federation of Planets wedding, and for me dressing up as Spock and my partner as Kirk on that day.

As soon as G+ Communities became a thing, I started a Star Trek community. Now, it is the largest Star Trek community on G+. I decided to create the website so that community members can work together to create something uniquely theirs.

Aside for my love of Star Trek, I do much more than should be legal. Most notably, I am the General Manager and Programming Director of The Look 24/7, host of the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show — with notable guests including Wil Wheaton, Richard Hatch, Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and more — and the offshoot website, Geeky Pleasures, and a core contributor to GeekMom. I also contribute to Nerdy With Children, Quirk BooksStar Wars vs Star Trek and SF Signal.

I’ve written two non-fiction books — From The Mundane To The Insane: A Wonderful Journey Without A Destination and Tales Of A Lupus Butterfly — the partial proceeds of which go to lupus research and treatment, I’m working on another book called Nerd Love, and I’m beyond excited that my latest book Five Little Zombies and Fred a real thing for people to hold, read, and love. You can follow me on Twitter @GeekyJules.

I’m probably forgetting things — it’s a result of that whole way more than should be legal thing — but this is a good portion of it.


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