Welcome to the United Federation of Planets!

Spock Live Long and Propser

Welcome to the United Federation of Planets! A website and app that will boldly go where no website has gone before!

The United Federation of Planets is all about Star Trek, curated by fans, with only one aim in mind: To share the things we love about Star Trek.

I created this website and because of the overwhelming sense of awesome I felt every time I saw my G+ Star Trek community members interacting. I wanted to give them something else to create, as a community, another outlet to share their love of Star Trek with the world once Google+ shutdown.

How we share these things will be as varied as the individuals involved. You may see posts with just an image of a meme, or a quick share of a Star Trek related video. Or, you may find long posts about how Star Trek has inspired and shaped each of us. Or, you may read some fan fiction. Or, you may find posts about our favourite Star Trek merchandise and reviews. Or, you may find posts about different Star Trek events. Also, you may find an interesting discussion in the forums. Just like the Vulcan philosophy states, as this website is developed, you will be sure to find Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

We are still busy developing content, so at first, some of the forums may be empty. We are hoping that, as we take this journey, you will join us. We hope that you enjoy exploring the strange new worlds presented before you.

Live long and prosper!

Image from Amok Time. Copyright Paramount Pictures.

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United Federation of Planets