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Born to Trek and write… So this is probably the best place for me!  Based in the UK I’m bringing the English angle to the site (hopefully) with some opinions from this side of the pond as well as reviews and thoughts on relative Star Trek material. I’ve loved Roddenberry’s universe since I was introduced to it by my dad in the 1980’s and it’s taken on a life of its own from there. While I was brought up early on the original series and The Next Generation it was Deep Space Nine that established itself firmly as my favourite series. My focus on the franchise waned in the early naughties due to circumstance but now I’m well and truly back like a Spock from Genesis (or a Defiant from the Gamma Quadrant – delete as applicable).

Over the years, I’ve developed an extensive library which has helped settle a few arguments in whatever universe they’re set. Overall it’s a mishmash of books, figures, models and assorted bits that have found their way into the collection since the 80’s. I’ve not met many Star Trek actors – a goal of mine – and don’t ask me if I wear the uniform at weekends. That’s for me and my wardrobe only to know.

Always up for a good Star Trek debate I’m planning to spend some quality time in deep discussion especially if it’s the finer points of John Logan’s Nemesis script, the low-tech engine room of Abrams high-tech reboot or whether or not These Are the Voyages… ever actually happened.

Just so we can cover the basics early on and break more ice than a crash-landing Voyager, here’s a few of my Star Trek stats:

  1. Captain Benjamin Sisko
  2. The Tholian Web, The Best of Both Worlds, In the Pale Moonlight, Living Witness, In a Mirror, Darkly and The Wrath of Khan
  3. Way to Eden, Code of Honor, Move Along Home, Threshold, These Are the Voyages and The Motion Picture
  4. Enterprise-A
  5. Movie uniform, The Wrath of Khan onward
  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion
  7. The Jem’Hadar
  8. Doubt it. They’re more interested in focusing on the reboot film series than TV
  9. Sisko leaving his baseball on the station at the end of “Call to Arms”
  10. No, only once. We don’t talk about it.

If I’m not here,  spending quality time with my family or,  unusually,  at work,  I can be located at the second star to the right otherwise known as my blog, Some Kind of Star Trek. It’s something that I’ve been working at for a few months as well as being a reviewer for Simon and Schuster publishers so I might be able to let you know if the next Star Trek book is worth investing in!

Looking forward to getting involved here and meeting some like minded and new Trek fans. Drop me a line and let’s talk!

“You’re too late – we’re everywhere.”

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