Tony Miller

STO Shot

Greetings and salutations! I am the one and only Anthony R. Miller, aka Tony Miller, on the internet. Okay, there are more out there but I’m the one that I consider to be the most important. With that out of the way let me say up front that I am probably the worst Trekkie here. To begin with, I embrace the term Trekkie. Following that disclosure I freely admit that I have not seen every episode, read every book, read every comic and played every game. Before you throw me out an air lock remember one of the best things of Star Trek was how beings of all cultures were accepted and embraced. I’m happy to be here and you can expect to see me throw in my own two cents from time to time.

There is one important question I want to answer now to avoid any ugliness later. In the great debate of Kirk vs Picard my answer is always going to be Sulu.

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