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G.H. Brothers


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The farewell to Pike left me absolutely gutted. He was SO GREAT, and I became SO attached. With the satisfying Saru character developments I mentioned last week, The Big Chair will clearly be in good hands come season 3, but…Anson Mount managed to do in just over a dozen episodes what it takes some characters years: made a massive impact and instantly became one of my favorite Trek characters of all time. His demeanor and command style, to me, make Kirk feel like a reckless frat boy by comparison almost. And I HATE saying that because I absolutely love Kirk. With his legacy tied so closely to the Enterprise, there’s absolutely no way we’ll get to se him in action again short of a TOS prequel set on that ship. And there would be rioting in the fandom if something that ballsy were to be attempted, so there’s no way in hell they’d try it. So yeah. This week just really made me sad because I knew it was time to say goodbye. And I bloody hate goodbyes.

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