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      Tom Osborne


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      Howdy folks,
      Just recently joined this community, and this is my first book club & first ever reading of a Star Trek Novel. I was hoping that the books for this club would easily be picked up at the local used book store, as there are plenty of Trek books available, however. I found this book out of print & the store had none available, so they Amazon’d it for me,as I only have internet at work. Hipster Book Club? Reading out of print books?

      Anyway I got a small jump on the book last night, and I must say, so far, it’s more interesting than Stargate SG1 reruns! Actually, I wasn’t ready for alternative time-lines or What If’s, it being my first foray in to this universe in text. And I kind of felt bad, I was waiting for Jack Crusher to Die, realizing that his was the Alternaverse, I mentally backed off knifing him in the back.

      Tommy “Toborn The Feral Vulcan” O

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      Jules Sherred


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      Because it is available in eFormat, I didn’t think anything of it being out of print.

      Maybe I should take a poll to see who wouldn’t be able to participate if the book is only easily available in eFormat.

      As for the next bit, I haven’t started yet, so that was a little spoiler-ish. Still trying to sort out the schedule.

      Finally, glad to have you here 🙂

      "Logic Is The Beginning Of Wisdom, Not The End." -Leonard Nimoy

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