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    Jules Sherred


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    It is time for your first challenge! We need badges to award people when they reach specific ranks. The person or people who design a badge that is selected for use will receive 20 points for each badge that is chosen. You must be a member on this site in order to participate.

    The ranks are as follows:

    Ensign 50
    Lieutenant 100
    Lieutenant Commander 500
    Commander 1000
    Captain 5000
    Rear Admiral 10000
    Vice Admiral 50000
    Admiral 100000
    Fleet Admiral 500000
    Admiral of the Navy 1000000

    Points are automatically awarded for the following:


    5 Points – Update
    5 Points – Leaving a reply
    5 Points – Avatar Uploaded

    Blog Activity

    5 Points – Blog Comment
    20 Points – Blog Post


    10 Points – Becoming a Member


    The winner(s) of this challenge will have the extra points added manually to their accounts.

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    Darren Moser


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    Sounds like fun.

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    I need to get my mate Jenni on here, she is really busy doing game textures for her job right now, but soon. I bet she could make an awesome one.

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