About the United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of Planets is a community created and curated by members of the former Star Trek G+ Community which was founded by Jules Sherred. Anyone from the Community is invited to contribute to the site and to the forums. Anyone around the world is invited to contribute to the discussions on the forums.

Filling out the registration form only takes a few minutes. However, it may take some time to process the application. If you’d like the process expedited, use the contact form to reach out and prove you are not a bot.

At this time, membership is free. However, to help offset some out-of-pocket costs, there is a paid membership option for a small fee. Some of the benefits of the paid memberships include the ability to create groups and participate in private forums that don’t have the same strict moderation rules.

Sometime in the near future, we will be seeking suggestions for additional membership levels, prices and benefits.

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United Federation of Planets