Jules Sherred

Jules Sherred
Jules Sherred

Obviously, I LOVE STAR TREK!

From the day I came home from the hospital, I watched Star Trek. First, it was Star Trek: The Original Series. By the time Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered, I was already a life-long fan.

Every opportunity I receive, I talk and write about Star Trek. Not only did it help shape the nerd and geek I am today, but it also played a major role in facilitating my relationship. It is one of many reasons for having a United Federation of Planets wedding, and for me dressing up as Spock and my partner as Kirk on that day.

As soon as G+ Communities became a thing, I started a Star Trek community. Now, it is the largest Star Trek community on G+. I decided to create the website so that community members can work together to create something uniquely theirs.

You can follow me on Twitter @GeekyJules.


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United Federation of Planets