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Darian Harder


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Unfortunately it’s not a parody, I started to watch a video where she called Discovery the day <i>Star Trek</i> died.  Everyone wants to go back to the old format because nostalgia!  You woke up one morning and all of a sudden utopia, and life is super easy you can just coast through life without a care in the world and bad things just don’t happen.  Except apparently that’s not true because once you leave Earth you find all these problems in other worlds that you were able to solve in your own history, but you’re not allowed to share the knowledge on how you actually achieved those accomplishments because “Prime Directive”.

I don’t know how old you are @ani-hatzis but there’s an old Dionne Warwick song from the late 70s and there’s a line in there that I used to use whenever I would get into debates over on G+ that says “a fool will lose tomorrow reaching back for yesterday” because sh and everyone else seems to want 60s Trek and basically give the actors the script of a TOS episode using the old sets and special effects.  Never mind the fact that our technology has improved immensely since then.  Apparently if we want to use those we have to catapult to the 25th century or later.  She gushes over the FanFiction Star Trek Continues, which I watched but I just couldn’t with the same 60s style of production and the aliens not looking alien, and all the sets for other worlds looking way too much like earth etc.  His portrayal of Kirk was an improvement from William Shatner, but that’s about it.

oh and there’s a video of her where she got in trouble with CBS  and not only did she start crying—even though she started it, but she started threatening them, and she won!🤪


i guess you you and I are in the minority.

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