State Of The United Federation of Planet’s Book Club Update


As you may have noticed, February 1 has come and gone, and there isn’t a poll for March’s book club. For a number of reasons I’m about to explain, we are postponing the next read until April.

The first reason is that only one person suggested a book for March. With only one book suggestion, that isn’t enough to create a poll.

The next reasons is that despite close to 20 people expressing interest in the book club, very few people participated. Only one person other than myself create weekly discussion topics (this isn’t only my responsibility) and only a couple of people responded to the one discussion topic I did create.

The other reason is that before I spend more money commissioning custom badges for the book club (like the one I commissioned for January and all the other points and rank badges I spent money on to commission), I need to know that people will participate. I will do this one more time and see how it goes.

If turnout is again low, then April may be the last book club in the near future. I may start it up again at some future date, but with my very busy work schedule, I need to be assured that the time and money I spend on the book club is rewarded. It sucks that it boils down to time and money, but without participation from the community, it is what it is.

So, if you do want to see the book club continue, then please start creating discussion topics for January’s book club (those always remain open), and begin inputting your suggestions for April’s read.

If I don’t get at least five suggestions by the end of February, then April will be cancelled, which unfortunately means the end of the book club for the near future. Then, once April rolls around, please participate in the discussions; not only by creating topics, but also by participating in discussion topics created by others.

It will be a shame if April become our last book club, or if it doesn’t even happen.

Live Long and Prosper.

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