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      Community Guidelines

      Welcome to the Star Trek Community. We appreciate your participation, but ask that you abide to the following guidelines to keep our community healthy and fun.

      Remember, the moderators are here to not only help and assist you, but to also make your experiences in this community a happy and safe one. Please never hesitate to contact the community owner ( @jules-sherred ) or any of the mods: @clive-burrell (MORE COMING SOON)  if you run into any issues that you’d like to see resolved.

      Be Respectful

      One of the great things about Star Trek is its inclusiveness, and respect for fellow people. We ask that you keep that spirit in mind when interacting with each other. Hate speech, slurs, name calling, and the like, will not be tolerated. If someone is being disrespectful, please bring it to the attention of one of the moderators. Sometimes intent can be difficult to read, so it will be up to the moderator’s discretion to decide if it’s just two personalities clashing, or if qualifies as hateful and disrespectful speech.

      It’s Okay To Not Like Things But You Don’t Have To Be a Dick About It

      Play so everybody has fun. Make sure your criticism is constructive and not just shitposting.

      No Not Suitable For Work (nudes, etc.), Gratuitously Creepy, and Overly Sexualized Images

      This also falls under the category of “be respectful.” Posting images of cosplay may skirt the line. And that is where moderator discretion will come in. If your sexy cosplay image is shared without comment or a comment that is creepy and/or sexual in nature, it will be removed. Posting images of 7 of 9 and T’Pol are still okay, as long as you are not being creepy while doing so.

      TL;DR: Don’t be creepy.

      Avoid duplicate posts

      We have a large amount of members, and as a result we have a problem of people posting the same content over and over again. Please use the search function to determine if a post has already been shared to the community. As a rule of thumb, moderators will remove duplicate content that has been shared within the last ~3 weeks.

      No Photobombing or “Hogging the Mic”

      Because this is a very large community with many members, please refrain from posting too many posts in a short period of time. By “hogging the microphone” and over-posting, you prevent other valuable content from other members from being discovered. If you have multiple images or links you want to share, please try to space them out throughout the day. If you plan on posting more than one image in a short time, put them in a single post instead. If this happens too often, or if you post more than one picture or three posts in a short period of time, we might have to remove some of your posts.  Repeated offenders will be banned. High-quality posts with unique and relevant content is always preferred over many similar posts of the same nature.

      No Spam

      If you are a branded page, or an individual who is linking to websites where it appears your only goal is to drive traffic and make affiliate sales, your posts will be deleted, without warning, at the moderators discretion. If you are a repeat offender, we will have no choice but to remove you from the community. Please contact the owner if you’d like more clarification on this guideline.

      Choose the right category

      To help people find content, especially if they are checking to see if something has already been shared, please make sure to use the proper categories. If possible, post content specific to a series or movie in its corresponding category. Otherwise you can use the other general categories, such as “Around the web” for links, “Discussion” for general questions, or “Pictures and video” for all embedded pictures video.

      Avoid spoilers

      Not everyone has seen all series and movies to their completion. Either avoid spoilers or add an appropriate spoiler warning followed by at least 10 enters so people have to expand the post to see the spoiler. Most certainly don’t reveal a major spoiler in the title of the post.

      Don’t be off-topic

      This is obvious, but don’t post content that is not Star Trek related. It will be removed and fed to Tribbles. This includes all posts about Orville. Don’t try to manipulate the rule by thinking that mentioning Star Trek in the post makes it Star Trek related.

      Thanks for understanding

      \V/,  Live long and prosper

      "Logic Is The Beginning Of Wisdom, Not The End." -Leonard Nimoy

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