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    June Yanova


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    You know what? It’s as if we were aboard USS Enterprise enjoying our normal routine. Sure everything is in TOS style. All these hillarious buttons, tumblers, switches and red alert yelling from all the speakers. Or at least yellow alert. I can hardly imagine the Enterprise with no alert at all. It’s highly abnormal if everythig goes in a due course here. So, what are you diong, my fellow crewmen?

    I’m wandering around with the Purpose of Great Importance. Pals, is it challenging. The only route I know is from my quarters to my workplace. I have no idea how to navigate around the ship cos I suffer from topographical cretinism on it’s almost lethal stage. Still my quest is of vital importance. I have to found Security Crewmen Cloning Device. I’m 100% sure there’s at least one aboard. Otherwise it would be impossible to have even one security guy available. Death rate among the boys in red shirts is tremendously high. Especially if they become members of a landing party you can predict with certainty that they will be the first to cease to exist. Can you calculate how many security guards we have lost so far? I can not. But there are still some of them alive! The only explanation I see to this – Security Crewmen Cloning Device! 🙂

    So, join me in my quest! Or just tell something about your present occupation. Or, if you would be so cute, show me the way to my quarters, please 🙂

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    Indeed, space is hard on the men in red. 😀

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    June Yanova


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    Yepp! No matter are they from engineering or security team 🙂

    http://www.keepcalmandposters.com/posters/1049842.png follow the link as I’m a bit hopeless to post a pic here, oops

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    Clive Burrell


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    Saw something recently though that said while there were more redshirts that got killed in TOS, by percentage it was worse to be in yellow!

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    June Yanova


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    The only logical coclusion is that Spock and McCoy have chosen the only right color! I knew! I always knew they were in cahoots somehow 🙂

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