6 Star Trek Desktop Wallpapers Made Just For You

Star Trek Wallpaper

Over in our Google+ Star Trek community, one of our members made six different desktop wallpapers: one for each crew.

Each wallpaper measures 1920 x 1080, perfect for most HD laptop computers and HD tablets.

You are free to download and use these images. If you do end up sharing, please be kind by giving the appropriate credit, which is found at the bottom of this post.

Simply click on the image, or images, you wish to download, and the full-sized wallpaper will open up in a new tab.

Star Trek TOS MC-1920

The Next Generation MC-1920

Deep Space Nine MC-1920

Voyager MC-1920

Enterprise MCII-1920

Star Trek Reboot MC-1920

Wallpaper collage created by Jules Sherred.

Wallpapers created by Christian Hansard.

Images used for the wallpaper copyright by CBS and Paramount Studios.

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